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Book Club Meeting: Chapter One

Hello Everyone,

The first meeting of the BCcampus Book Club will be tomorrow, Friday September 14th at 10 AM PST.

Please connect a few minutes earlier to check your technical setup (especially your audio connection). Information about Blue Jeans web conferencing and the link to our dedicated room is provided here.

We will take the first 5 minutes for a few brief introductions then 30-40 minutes for our book club chat.

Here are a few questions to help us get started in our Chapter One discussion.

  • What idea(s) on Prior Knowledge (and the research-based principle) most resonated for you?
  • Do you have a strategy to address PK in your subject area that you find particularly useful and would like to share with fellow bookclubbers?
  • Is there a PK challenge you have that you’d like to ask this group for help?

Looking forward to meeting you!

Chat soon,

Leva Lee, Chapter One Facilitator

P.S. Bring your cuppa tea or coffee!




3 thoughts on “Book Club Meeting: Chapter One”

  1. Thanks to the dozen or so bookclubbers that joined this morning for some great conversation and to those that posted thoughts and strategies in the blog post. You have until Monday to share something with #BookClubBC to have your name entered in for the prize draw of a $25 gift certificate to Chapters-Indigo.

    See you next Friday in the Bcampus Book Club Meeting Room for Chapter Two on students’ organization of their knowledge with facilitator Lucas Wright from UBC.


      1. Hi Becky,
        We didn’t record the session on Friday. I opted not to as I felt people would feel more at ease if we didn’t record it. In future, the other facilitators may chose to record their sessions if participants agree with it. I’m hoping the blog site will provide the opportunity for participation for those who can come on Friday and vice-versa. Thanks for your contributions and we are glad enjoyed week one!


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