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BCcampus Online Book Club first offering: It’s a wrap!

Hello Everyone,

Well our journey together on this first offering of the BCcampus Online Book Club has now ended with a great discussion today on the last chapter of  “How Learning Works”  facilitated by Peter Arthur.

On behalf of the facilitators Lucas Wright, Giulia Forsythe, Keith Webster, Janine Hirtz, Laura Mackay, and Peter Arthur, thank you to all the fabulous Book Club participants who made thoughtful and insightful contributions to the blog and our Friday web chats.

We are asking now for feedback to the Book Club which we will use for future planning and improvements. It’s a short survey so send us your ideas going forward and especially suggestions for the next book and journey of learning together.

Also, if you have something to share on your participation in the Book Club, we invite you to post it in the Comments below.  Until next time!

The BCcampus Book Club Facilitators – Fall 2018

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